Our Story

ConsciousFlix is a humble effort to disseminate conscious media (video streaming) to millions of people worldwide, who are seeking self growth and who want to create a better life for themselves and their communities. We cover topics such as Spirituality, Health & Nutrition, Education, Social Issues, Environment, Arts & Culture, Lifestyle, Influential People. We offer different formats of this content: Films, Documentaries, Talks/Lectures, Instructional Videos. At this time we only offer video rentals. Each video can be rented for 48 hours. As our community grows, we will consider offering video downloads.
We strive to make our content very affordable and accessible to the seekers of this content. You can watch most of the Films/Documentaries listed on our website for under $2 + processing fee. Talks/lectures/Instructional videos may be priced higher, but under $5. You may also find some free content.
We know that there are thousands of Content Creators out there, who are creating very inspiring content. Their content is rarely presented to the world because traditional distributiors focus more on profitability and not necesarrily on the social impact of such content.  Our goal is to deconstruct the traditional model and be a conduit for transformational content. We also want to reward Content Creators for their work. ConsciousFlix will share 50% of the revenue generated from video rentals, with the Content Creators.
If you are a content creator, we would love to hear from you. Please visit the "Contact" section of our website for more information about how to partner with us.
Our Story
Arvind Chittumalla, founder of ConsciousFlix, made his first documentary on Yoga called "Yoga Maya" in 2014. He received 10+ distribution offers for his documentary, which in itself was a herculean task. Very soon he found out that all the middlemen men involved in the process of distribution, weren't adding much value to him. They took their cut of the revenue but did not do anything to promote the movie. The few pennies that were paid to Arvind were spent in promoting the movie, leaving nothing to him. He saw an opportunity to create a platform that addresses the problems faced by many independent film makers and content creators, particularly those interested in the subjects mentioned above on this page.
Arvind is a spiritual-teacher, entrepreneur and activist. He intends to distribute the content he creates, on ConsciousFlix. He also wants other activists to join his movement and list their content on ConsciousFlix.
Om Namah Shivaya

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