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Price: $1.99

In 2012, 35 senior yoga teachers in California came together to discuss the future of yoga, at the first YogaNext conference. The discussions at this conference were instrumental in defining our mission and laid the foundation for increasing the standards of yoga education and promoting an ethical and conscious yoga entrepreneurism.
YogaNext is a movement championed by visionary yoga teachers to take the education and practice of yoga to the Next Level! Our Mission is to:

  • Promote the comprehensiveness of yoga as a science/art of self realization
  • Develop and implement standards for yoga education
  • Maintain a registry of teachers who meet our standards
  • Promote conscious teaching and business practices
  • Be an advocate for the yoga community

For most people in the West, yoga is synonymous with Asana, the physical postures. It has been widely documented that one can achieve a lot more benefits by incorporating other limbs of yoga into their practice, such as Yamas (morals), Niyamas (disciplines), Pranayama (breathwork) and Meditation. Given the challenges we face in the world today, we can no longer ignore the very tools that can enable us to overcomes these challenges. A comprehensive and integrated yoga practice can transform our lives. We would like to help you realize the full promise of yoga and not just asanas. All our efforts will be directed to educating yoga teachers and practitioners that yoga is a comprehensive path of self realization. We also intend to provide you practical tools to manifest the yogic philosophies into actionable goals.
YogaNext is a Non-Profit Public Benefit corporation, registered in California

Year Of Release: 
95 minutes

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Genre : Talk/Lectures
Price : $ 1.99
Release : 2012
Runtime : 95 minutes
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